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In May 2021,The Environmental Law Institute (ELI) announced the selection of Russ Furnari, Chairman New Jersey Corporate Wetlands Restoration Partnership (NJCWRP) for the 2021 National Wetlands Award in the Business Leadership category.

In their announcement, ELI highlighted as a result of Russ Furnari’s strong leadership since 2006, NJCWRP has experienced phenomenal success and is now considered a model for similar groups across the Nation.

It was further highlighted since inception in 2003, the Partnership has received more than $1,127,000 in contributions and pledges of in-kind services resulting in 48 projects totaling $16,300,000. These projects have aided in the restoration and stewardship of more than 724 acres of habitat and 35 stream miles; and has reached thousands of New Jersey students etc., through education outreach and involved more than 1,200 volunteers.

At a press event on May 25,2021 the Bradley Beach Maritime Forest was renamed the Julie Schreck Maritime Forest in honor of the former Mayor who was instrumental in launching the project in 2013. Additionally, the completion of phase 3 which was supported by NJCWRP and several partners was celebrated.


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