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In the past year, the New Jersey Corporate Wetlands Restoration Partnership (NJCWRP) celebrated an important milestone – its 20th anniversary.

This historic achievement was recognized by Commissioner LaTourette, NJDEP and Eric Schrading, USF&WS at the Fall meeting of NJCWRP on October 26, 2023, which was hosted by NJDEP at their headquarters building in Trenton.

In a press release, the Commissioner said, “The New Jersey Corporate Wetlands Restoration Partnership has been steadfastly and quietly at work helping to preserve the ecosystems that provide tremendous richness and wildlife diversity to the Garden State”.

Also, of significance, earlier in the year NJCWRP reorganized itself as an independent non-profit corporation in New Jersey. The Partnership was originally established in 2003 as a Corporate Restoration Partnership State Chapter within the Coastal America Foundation. Importantly, the Partnership has retained the same objectives and operating principles since inception. 

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