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New Jersey Corporate Wetlands Restoration Partnership

Earth Share Environmental Partners Award

On June 8, 2018 at its annual awards dinner, EarthShare New Jersey presented

NJCWRP with its Environmental Partnership Award for making a significant

difference in our environment.

2017 U.S. EPA Environmental Champion Award from the Environmental

Protection Agency (EPA) Region 2. The Environmental Champion Award

is the highest recognition presented to the public by EPA Region 2.


Governor’s Environmental Excellence Award

Presented in 2016 in the “Land Conservation Category” for the implementation

of projects in New Jersey that restore,preserve and enhance aquatic habitat.

Governor's Environmental Excellence Award

Presented in 2004 in the "Healthy Ecosystems Category" for the implementation of projects in New Jersey that restore, preserve and enhance aquatic habitat.

Coastal America 2005 Partnership Award

Presented through a letter from President George W. Bush in 2005 for the Batsto River Fishway Restoration which opened more than eight miles of the Batsto River and helped ensure the survival of important fish species.


Conserve Wildlife Foundation

Presented in 2005 in recognition of the support provided for the initial research focused on the Red Knot wintering population in Southwest Florida and the linkage of these long distant migrants to the annual stop over that occurs in the Delaware Bay each Spring.


Coastal America 2012 Partnership Award

Presented with the endorsement of President Barack Obama in recognition of the restoration of 3.4 miles connecting the Musconetcong to the Delaware River through a number of Dam removals which have opened the way for migratory fish and improved habitat for local fish populations.


The Nature Conservancy Oak Leaf Award

Presented in 2013 for the exceptional impact and sustained excellence in improving aquatic habitat in New Jersey.


The Soil and Water Conservation Society Chapter's Ecological Excellence Award for 2014

Presented in recognition of the development of an innovative vernal pool project at New Jersey Audubon's Wattles Center.


Monmouth County Planning Board Merit Award

Presented in 2014 for promoting Community resiliency and awareness through the development of the Bradley Beach Maritime Forest.



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