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NJCWRP Eligibility


Projects submitted to NJCWRP for funding consideration must be located on public and protected lands within the state of New Jersey and have a governmental partner (e.g. U.S. EPA, U.S. Corps of Engineers, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, NOAA, NRCS, NJDEP, County, Municipality). The government connection can be in the form of direct financial support, technical design or review, in-kind service or other means of involvement. If you are not sure your project meets this requirement, please check with the governmental unit or the NJCWRP before submitting your full application. Activities directly related to permit or enforcement action compliance, such as wetlands mitigation, is not eligible unless the proposed project is clearly above and beyond the required work. Generally, project funding does not exceed $25,000 and priority is given to those projects that have funding and permits in place as well as an outreach/educational component and where the match is 75% or more(match may include in-kind funds). Cannot fund annual requests for the same project (once total accumulated funds from NJCWRP exceeds $25,000 over 3 years).

At the discretion of the NJCWRP, the funding guidelines may be exceeded to accommodate exceptional circumstances (e.g. resiliency projects from natural disasters like Hurricane Sandy, high leverage opportunities when some private funds are needed, emergency funding for projects of high ecological and natural resource value etc.

Each project will need to be submitted on the provided NJCWRP Project Executive Summary Sheet (not to exceed one page) and accompanied by a project location map. An example of a completed submission and an electronic template is located on the forms page. Projects can be submitted on-line or e-mailed to the following address AND


Projects will be initially evaluated by the Projects Sub Committee. If deemed eligible and approval is recommended, the project will then be submitted to the NJCWRP at the next regular scheduled meeting for a final vote. If a decision is needed prior to the next NJCWRP meeting approval may be received electronically.


A general eligibility checklist has been provided below to assist with your submission.

General Project Screening Criteria (Yes/No)

  • Does Project meet the mission of NJCWRP?

  • Is Project on public land and located in New Jersey? This includes land owned by non-profits or other organizations that meet the State’s definition of a charitable conservancy on lands subject to perpetual restrictions against future use. For other circumstances, involving lands protected by non-profits or other organizations, NJCWRP should be consulted for guidance.

  • Does Project have a water quality enhancement component?

  • Is funding request less than $25,000 and less than 25% of total budget including in-kind funds?

  • Does Project have a governmental partner?

  • Are all permits issued?

  • Is Project in correct submission format? Site map included?

  • Does Project have an outreach/education component?


Release of Funds
  1. Funding may only be provided for actual construction/implementation and required monitoring NOT for engineering, design or permit preparation.

  2. Approved funds will not be released until construction is ready to begin or where proof of construction and project readiness is provided.

  3. If a Project does not start construction in 12 months, obligated funds may be released and applicant may be advised to re-apply when project is closer to commencement of construction.


If requested, a letter of commitment and endorsement may be provided for approved projects that are not yet eligible to receive funds, as per the above.


If  ineligible, the project contact will be notified reasons funding was denied. Incomplete submissions may require clarifying information. These projects may be re-evaluated once clarifying information is provided.

Other Assistance

For additional funding, a governmental partner and NJCWRP may be contacted for suggestions including arranging a contact with an individual corporate partner that may be interested in separately contributing to the project.


updated 1/29/18


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