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Milford Dam Removal

Milford Dam 013112 (6).JPG
Milford Dam 013112 (1).JPG

Project Purpose: The goal of the project is to restore approximately 8 miles of the Hakiokake Creek to migratory fish spawning in addition to restoring a reach of trout production waters in Milford Borough, Warren County, New Jersey.  

Brief Description: The dam is owned by Milford Borough and was recently breached due to flood events associated with Hurricane Irene.  The concrete dam was likely constructed in early 1900s and is 125 feet wide.  Breaching the Milford Dam would involve removal of approximately 80 feet of total structure and stabilizing and restoring approximately 800 feet of the Hakiokake Creek upstream of the dam.  The Milford dam is the only obstruction on the Hakiokake Creek and is less than 1 mile from the Delaware River.  Revegetaion of upstream areas would be a combination of natural regeneration and intentional plantings. 

Resource values / Project Outputs: The proposed project would involve breaching the dam to restore approximately 8 miles of migratory fish spawning habitat and restore 800 feet of trout production waters in the Hakiokake Creek.  The primary target fish include alewife, blueback herring, American eel, and brook trout.  In addition, succession and reforestation of the Hakiokake Crek would improve habitat for a variety of wetland dependent wildlife including a variety of  warblers, wood duck, woodcock, and flycatchers. 

Cost/Budget: $200,000.00 total budget

Schedule: Construction would start following securing all funding. 

Permit Status: None

List of Partners: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, NRCS, FEMA, and Milford Borough.

What is requested of CWRP: $25,000 to contribute to the restoration effort.

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