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Sparta Glen Brook Restoration   

Project Purpose:  

To restore the Sparta Glen Brook to the wild brook trout producing stream it was prior to being devastated by a microburst (16 inches of rain) in 2000 and then Hurricane Irene in 2011.  To restore the brook’s ecosystem to its’ natural state, stabilize the stream’s banks and stop bank erosion.


Brief Description:  

The project will restore 0.68 miles of the Sparta Glen Brook.  Utilizing a technique called “bed manipulation”, which involves re-organizing the native elements of the stream to favor trout and their food based organisms, we will optimize the habitat conditions thereby allowing the stream to reach its’ full potential.


Our work will include the development of pool, riffle and run habitats and stabilization of the stream banks and flood plain areas.  Streambed material will be placed in areas that are appropriate for trout spawning and juvenile trout habitat.  Native plants will be added to the enhanced riparian zone to improve shade cover.


Resource Values/Project Outputs:

  • Restore a once scenic wild trout producing stream to its’ natural state for local residents to again enjoy.

  • Eliminate or at least minimize the impact of unusual rain events by properly stabilizing the stream’s banks and properly connecting the stream’s flood plains.

  • Provide a local brook complete with insect and fish habitat that can be used by students in local schools studying such things as the food chain, macroinvertebrates and even fish.



$112,900.00  (See Attached)



Started August, 2014. 

Township signed off on the project on April 15, 2015. 

DEP received Permit Application on May 22, 2015. 

Instream work planned for May 2016. 

Project to be complete by October, 2016.


Permit Status: 

Administrative Review by DEP completed on June 4, 2015.  Currently in Technical Review.


List of Partners: 

Sparta Township,

Eastern Brook Trout Joiont Venture,

NJ Highlands Coalition,

Trout Unlimited (Embrace-A-Stream),

US Fish and Wildlife


What is requested from the CWRP/Contribution: 



Point of Contact:  

John Nordstedt, 973-586-9855,

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