Bradley Beach Maritime Forest

Project Name:   Monmouth County Coastal Enhancement Project: Phase II Bradley Beach Maritime Scrub/Shrub Forest Restoration Improvements and Enhancement Project               

Project Purpose: To provide a  border fence to protect planted areas and improve aesthetics, add educational signage, and replant portions of unplanted areas in maritime forest created in 2013.

Brief Description: Construction of the maritime forest in Bradley Beach began on September 16, 2013 and initial plantings were completed on September 28, 2013 through shared services between Monmouth County and Bradley Beach and support from over 120 volunteers. Funding was provided through a Franklin Parker Small Grant and by Sustainable New Jersey and the New Jersey Corporate Wetlands Restoration Partnership. In-kind match and services were provided by several partners to include Bradley Beach, Monmouth County, AECOM, Pinelands Nursery, PS&S, and several others. The restoration received national attention and the Monmouth County Planning Board’s Environmental Merit Award in 2014.


Over the past five (5) years, the forest has been managed by Capt. Al Modjeski of the American Littoral Society (Society) and maintained by John Bauer of the Monmouth County Master Gardeners. Additionally, the Society has coordinated several community events to remove invasives and replant as needed. Today, the forest is well-established with grasses, shrubs, and trees, almost 99% devoid of invasives, and provides back-dune habitat for several avian and mammalian species. On April 25, 2018, the Borough of Bradley Beach, the Society, and the United States Fish and Wildlife Service signed a Partners Agreement the banned construction for 10 years at the maritime forest site and provided in-kind services and equipment to improve upon the original restoration. On behalf of Bradley Beach, the Society is proposing to improve upon the restoration and add approximately 45 cubic yards of crushed shell to the existing emergency access road that bisects the forest, delineate the access road and perimeter with a two-rail high split-rail fence, replant existing barren spots with known native species that have a proven track record of survivability at the forest, and initially plant a 1,600 square foot area that has been used as a street sweeper wash-out area and for summer life guard parking. Funding will also be used to design and place three (3) educational signs that tell the story of the restoration, list the plants, and explain the importance of a maritime forest.

Resource Values/Project Outputs: Improved aesthetics; project messaging and outreach; expanded habitat for birds, mammals, insects (e.g. butterflies and pollinators); expanded water stormwater filtration, and improved but localized water quality.

Cost/Budget: $13,000 ($3,000 JCP&L), New Jersey Resources Corporation ($3,000), Bradley Beach Environmental Commission

($1,000)/In-Kind Services: USFWS - $1,275 and Bradley Beach - $1,275.

Schedule: Planning and planting coordination has already begun. Planting late spring early fall 2018, signage and fencing as soon as funding is secured. Work will be finished by end of year.

Permit Status: No permits needed

List of Partners: USFWS, American Littoral Society, Bradley Beach, and Monmouth County Master Gardeners

What is requested from the CWRP/Contribution: $3,000

Point of Contact: Captain Alek Modjeski, 732-291-0055,

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